Eleni is an active professional Actress, and an English Language Teacher and Education Counsellor. She initially received her B.A Honours Degree in Industrial Relations with Personnel Management from the University of Kent at Canterbury, graduated later on from the Higher Drama School of Vladimiros Kafkarides in Cyprus, and received further Professional Qualifications, as an Investment Consultant (CySEC), English Language Teacher (University of Cambridge CETF), and British Council UK -Education Agent and Councellor, and Invigilator.


Eleni has taken part in various Theatrical Productions both in Greek and English language, in Musical Shows, and participated in two Feature Films. She worked with Cypriot and Greek Television Channels, CyBC, Sigma, MEGA, ANT1 and AlphaTv. She has worked with acclaimed Directors and Choreographers, and has written lyrics for songs in theatre. She sings, and has trained with renowned Vocal Coaches, and dances Cypriot and Greek folk dancing. Eleni has been trained in Physical and Devised Theatre Labs with Marcello Magni and Kathryn Hunter, Heinz Uwe Haus, Marlene Kaminsky, Costas Filippoglou, Yorgos Karamalegos.


She teaches theatre classes and successfully coaches students for their entry auditions in drama schools in Cyprus, Greece the UK and USA. She also coaches theatrical games and theatre creation to children and adults. She loves Cartoons Dubbing, translates cartoon scripts from English to Greek, and voice acts for Radio Theatre. She does Voice Over for Commercials on the Radio and acts in Commercials on Tv.


She founded RED STAGE THEATRE (which also runs an Acting Studio) in 2008 and organizes Theatre workshops and seminars with acclaimed coaches teaching Masterclasses, from all over the world, and directs short ancient drama acts at ancient theatres for Professional Congress Organisers. Corporate Team Building Workshops blend in with her HRM background. In 2012 she was invited to write a script she directed, for the Opening Ceremony of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union, on behalf of the Tourist Ambassadors of the Cyprus Tourist Organisation. She worked at the Bank of Cyprus for twelve years as an Investment Consultant/Broker and Banker.


Eleni has taught English in private institutes in Cyprus, is an IELTS Coach, and ‘Re-start’ and ‘Brush up’ English teacher to adults. Eleni (Celtyl-Celta CETF) has recently created the English Language teaching program “Early Birds English” for the Early Years Childhood 2-6 years, based on a very contemporary methodology (play and interaction activities), with content based on the British Council, Cambridge University Press and additional publications. The program will be taught in Kindergartens to children native speakers or not.


Greek and Cypriot are her native languages, and her language competence in German, Italian and in French level is satisfactory to good. Eleni is a licensed First Aider of St’ John’s Ambulance.


She is a native in Cypriot-dialect and Greek Language, excellent in English command, and communicates well in German and has basic knowledge of French and Italian.